Abby’s Bake Sale is a not-necessarily-for-profit endeavor. I exchange sweet treats and special occasion cakes for a donation to a local charity OR for a product or service of yours. Here’s most of what you need to know. For all other questions, drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.

Do you make wedding cakes:
Sometimes. Such a massive undertaking only happens on occasion for the sake of my sanity. Birthday and other celebration cakes though? Love ’em!

What about dessert tables?
Um, yes. Fun! One of my favorite things to do.

What else do you make?
Most anything for any occasion big or small, milestone celebrations or everyday cravings with no rhyme or reason at all.

Do you take special requests?
Yes and no. This is mostly for my own fun so I rather like creating on a whim whatever I’m inspired to make. That being said I want you to be over the moon about what I bring you so I certainly take in to account the nature and details of the occasion and the guests in attendance (if there are any) to whip a menu of ideas for you to choose from.

Do you accommodate food allergies?
Yes. Gluten-free or vegan. And in limited circumstances, both. In all other baked goods I stick to as many organic ingredients as I can.

Why do this?
Honestly, because I love to bake. I do my best to follow a gluten-free diet and since I don’t want to give up traditional baking just because I can’t eat it, I gotta find something to do with all this chocolate-dipped, cream-filled, sugar-crusted goodness. And because home-baked goods make people very happy.

If you don’t taste it how do you know it’s good?
Legit question. I have a very happy panel of 5 “professional” tasters that have promised their utmost honesty when giving feedback.

Where is my money going?
Another legit question. First and foremost, it goes to cover the cost of ingredients. After that it goes to whichever one of two local charities (that I’ve selected) you prefer.

How do I barter a product or service of my own?
Shoot me an email or give me a call. Let me know what you need and what you’ve got to offer in exchange. If it’s something that I think I could use or enjoy, we’ll work it out.


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